Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your application process?

    Our process is quick and easy. If you start by uploading your resume, we’ll pre-fill most of your application. Don’t have a resume? That works too – you can simply fill out the short application, and either way, our Career Specialists will contact you. We will want to learn more about you and your career goals during your interview and where and when you want to work now. We will also check your references and arrange for any background screening or drug tests our partner clients may require.

  2. How do I see opportunities with MedSource?

    Our Job Search allows you to see our partner clients’ numerous opportunities and search for the right ones for you. Since we receive opportunities constantly, we’ll also leverage our technology and understanding of you to identify opportunities we think would be an excellent fit. We’ll notify you through your preferred contact method and make it easy to see the details and apply. You can also contact our Career Specialists to discuss opportunities.

  3. What if I am not interested in the opportunities that you send? Can I turn them down?

    Absolutely! Not every opportunity is going to be the right fit. We’ll also take the chance to listen to you on why it isn’t a good fit and adjust our offerings to you in the future.

  4. What happens if I begin an assignment and learn it isn’t the good fit we expected?

    Sometimes you don’t know if an opportunity will be a great fit until you try it. If you find that an assignment isn’t working out, we ask that you contact us immediately. Open communication is critical, from you and from MedSource. We will attempt to fix the situation based on your feedback. If we can’t work things out, we may ask you to fulfill your commitment to the assignment while we prioritize finding a replacement.

  5. How will I be paid?

    MedSource operates on a Sunday-Saturday schedule. Generally, you will need to submit your time card electronically through our portal by noon Monday. Once approved, you will be paid that Friday.

  6. Do you offer a referral bonus?

    Yes! For every healthcare professional, we offer a bonus of up to $500 paid on completion of their assignment.